Free Legal Assistance

Miller Thomson LLP is the appointed legal firm assisting with claims under the OSPE insurance program and offers pro-bono legal assistance.

Members can take advantage of this complimentary program for practice-related questions involving such issues as:

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • How to respond to requests for information from third parties
  • Inquiries from your regulatory body
  • How to respond to a subpoena
  • Professional misconduct
  • Ethical obligations
  • Professional obligations

If you have practice-related questions and are participating in the Professional Liability Insurance Program, please contact Miller Thomson LLP at the number listed below. When you make this call, you will be automatically prompted to leave a detailed message. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name, telephone number and address
  • Certificate and policy numbers
  • A brief summary of the issue

The lawyer who you speak with will provide you with free, confidential legal advice in order to try and avoid or reduce the probability of a claim or complaint.

Each telephone consultation is limited to 30 minutes per inquiry. The lawyer may consider it appropriate to review the issues and jurisprudence, and then call you back.

The advice given will rely upon the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. In some cases, you may be asked to contact BMS directly as your issue may already have triggered coverage under your policy, in which case, legal counsel may be appointed to act on your behalf.

If you have received a formal complaint or have been served with a legal claim, please contact BMS. If the event has triggered a claim, Miller Thomson LLP will be appointed as legal counsel to work on your behalf. In the event you do not wish to use Miller Thomson LLP, or if the case has a conflict of interest you will be able to retain alternative legal counsel. (Note: The advantage of retaining Miller Thomson LLP and the reason that the program has appointed them as a preferred provider, is due to their expertise as Canada’s leader in the area of Engineering. Retaining counsel with specialized expertise is of paramount importance for members because it helps ensure excellent representation and protection in the event of a claim.)

T: 416-595-8500

Corestone Law (“Corestone”) is a preferred legal partner for the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (“OSPE”). In this role, Corestone works with OSPE to provide relevant and up-to-date information on legal issues affecting the engineering community through seminars and in OSPE’s Voice magazine. Corestone’s services are available to OSPE members. Corestone prides itself in having an expertise in engineering and the construction industry as well as legal focus in professional negligence.

If you have a potential claim or practice related question, please contact 416-591-2222. In your voice message or email, please provide detailed information including: name, telephone number and a brief summary of your issue or question. Corestone will get in touch with you on a priority basis within 24 hours.